Para Empezar Description Project

In class for the past 2 weeks, we have been learning more adjectives and how to use them in sentences correctly. We have been working on how to use three verbs and three adjectives to write a sentence about a person, or people. Through this unit, I have learned how to make adjectives plural.

I hope you enjoy my project that highlights what I have learned recently.

Personal Description in Spanish


 The purpose of this assignment is to find three fictional characters that describe me and what I like to do. In class we have been learning how to describe ourselves in Spanish using adjectives, and how to say what we like to do in Spanish using verbs. It is important to be able to describe yourself in Spanish because you never know when you will need to tell someone about you who doesn’t speak your own language. It’s always better to be able to talk in another language so you can expand your friend group and be able to learn more.

Hola, me llamo Stephanie. Yo soy feliz y extrovertida como Agnes Gru. Yo soy impaciente y loca como Tasmanian Devil. Yo soy eficiente y sarcástica como Dr.Bailey. Me gusta bailar a música pop, comer pollo y pasar tiempo con amigos.