My Role Model

    Most big brothers are annoying and mean but my big brother is not like others. My big brother Cody is my role model. I look up to him because he is a hard worker. I want to be like him when I get older and grow up. Cody is a hard worker, helpful, and caring.

    Cody is a hard worker at school and at his job. He is a hard worker at school because he makes good grades, and he has to work to get them. Cody has gotten many scholarships, and he has had to work hard to get them. It took him 6 months to get a raise at his job; he had to work really hard for it. Cody is very helpful to my family and me. He drives my siblings and me places we need to go. He also helps with things around the house like chores and handy work. Cody is very faithful because he has a strong relationship with God. He loves him and cares a lot about him. Cody is a teacher at our church. He teaches the third and fourth grade boys. All of the boys say he is a good teacher.

    Cody is my role model because he is a huge part of my life, and he is a really hardworker. I learned from Cody that working hard can help you succeed in life.

Persecution of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a Jew who lived in Amsterdam with her family. Anne’s family and her moved there in 1993 the year Hitler took power over many Jews. She went to a school that had a small class and became friends with people in the class.

    People persecuted Anne Frank because she was a Jew. They would mistreat her and not let her do things or got to certain places like other people with different beliefs. She had to go to a different school that was made just for Jews. Anne Frank was persecuted at the concentration camp for Jews. She barely got anything to eat and she got beaten for bad behavior. Anne also barely got any sleep and she had to work all day because Hitler didn’t like Jews.

    Anne Frank was persecuted a lot for her religious beliefs. Over 7,000 Jews were killed in concentration camps. Hitler led many people to dislike Jews and he led them to want to harm and kill the Jews. Anne Frank’s father Otto was the only one who survived the concentration camp.


A New Teacher

I am so excited that I am getting a new teacher, but I’m also very sad because I don’t get to have the best math teacher in the whole wide world. I know that she is retiring for a good reason but I will miss her dearly!I know that the new teacher is going to be very good though I will still miss my old teacher. She is a very energetic lady and very pretty, I think she will be very good at teaching 5th grade math! I sure am going to miss her cute clothes and sweet smelling perfume! 

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My Favorite Activaty is…..

I love my favorite sport, it makes me so happy when  I perform! Can  you guess my favorite sport? You probably guessed dance. If you did you are correct, good job! Dance is my favorite activity, I love just getting to learn all kinds of fun dances like, Hip-Hop, Clog, Lyrical, Ballet, and Jazz. It’s really fun!