Expository Essay- How to Get Along with Others

Two kids are running around the classroom; it’s finally your chance to not laugh and stop them. What are you going to do? Getting along with others is a difficult task but also an important one. Not only do students need to get along with others inside classrooms, students need to get along with them outside classrooms too.

T- [Helping others outside of the classroom is a good thing to do.] E1-Just the other day, there was a 7th grade girl who had gotten her backpack stuck in her locker. A couple of girls decided to help the student. X-Two girls walked by and saw her struggling. They stopped and helped her get the backpack unstuck together,so they could make it to class on time. Would you have stopped and helped the student?  The best thing to do is to help the student.E2-Not only should you help others outside the classroom, you should bite your tongue outside the classroom too. X-When someone is being rude, making fun of you, calling you names, or tripping you; what do you do? If someone says something really pointless or idiotic out loud, your first reaction is to say something sarcastic back most of the time. It definitely isn’t the easiest thing to do in these situations but, biting your tongue or turning your cheek is the best solution when in these situations.

T-[ Doing the right thing inside the classroom is very important.] E1- You’ll find that sometimes, ignoring bad behavior is difficult because it can be funny, but you should always ignore it. In the middle of class two kids start throwing pencils at the ceiling and each other, everybody is laughing and ignoring the teacher. X-Do you laugh along, or do you ignore them and listen to the teacher? After the bell rings and you’re dismissed your friend asks you how your class was. Are you going to tell her it went well with a couple disruptions, or are you going to tell her about the bad behavior? E2- Being nice to everyone, even if they aren’t your so called friends, says a lot about who you are and the type of person you are. X- Now being nice to everyone is challenging because, some people can be really annoy, or some know how to get on your nerves easily, or some aren’t in your group of friends. You just have to learn how to get along with them and be nice and  maybe they will realize what they are doing and stop. Just because someone isn’t in your group of friends doesn’t mean you don’t have to be nice, because you still have to be nice to them.

  T- It’s not easy to get along with others but, in the end when you get along with them, you find it wasn’t hard, it was interesting. It happens again, two kids are running around; you know what to do, stop them while you have a chance.

My Role Model

    Most big brothers are annoying and mean but my big brother is not like others. My big brother Cody is my role model. I look up to him because he is a hard worker. I want to be like him when I get older and grow up. Cody is a hard worker, helpful, and caring.

    Cody is a hard worker at school and at his job. He is a hard worker at school because he makes good grades, and he has to work to get them. Cody has gotten many scholarships, and he has had to work hard to get them. It took him 6 months to get a raise at his job; he had to work really hard for it. Cody is very helpful to my family and me. He drives my siblings and me places we need to go. He also helps with things around the house like chores and handy work. Cody is very faithful because he has a strong relationship with God. He loves him and cares a lot about him. Cody is a teacher at our church. He teaches the third and fourth grade boys. All of the boys say he is a good teacher.

    Cody is my role model because he is a huge part of my life, and he is a really hardworker. I learned from Cody that working hard can help you succeed in life.

Is it Worth it ?? Persuasive Essay

   Is paying extra money for name brand items really worth it? No, what a rip off! In the world people pay up to 10 times more money for name brand items, when they could just pay less money for generic brand items. A study shows that generic brand jeans are better made than name brand jeans. Name brand products are a waste of money, generic brand products are just as good. Is a $98 hoodie really better than a $14 hoodie? Not at all, it still keeps you warm just like the $98 hoodie. Why spend more money on expensive jeans when you can buy a pair for 10$. Sometimes generic brand items are cuter than expensive items, so don’t waste your money and start buying generic brand items!If people started buying generic brand clothes they could start saving their money and give it to a charity or family in need.  Like I said people should not pay 10 times more money for name brand items. Remember the next time you are at Walmart, generic brand jeans are better!

Persuasive Essay

      Scientists in Russia and Siberia want to clone a Woolly Mammoth. They want to put an egg in a elephant and make it give birth to a mammoth. It is going to cost a lot of money. I do not think it is a good idea. The money could be used for better things, and we can’t make the temperature as cold as it needs to be for it to live. Bringing it back to life could put humans in danger. Just because it may be col to have one living on Earth, does not mean we need one. If it works the number of producers (green plants) may go down in number, then some consumers may not have anything to eat. Cloning a mammoth is a bad idea it could hurt someone really very badly. It is going too cost way to much money, we could use the money for better things.