Genius Hour Blog

I have chosen the topic cooking for my genius hour project. Along with my cooking topic, I have chosen the teaching topic as well. Always being interested in helping my mother in the kitchen was a big reason I chose this topic.  In my free time, I like to look up recipes and try to cook them, so that’s another reason. I chose the teaching topic because I enjoy helping little kids and working with them. They are kinda hard to deal with sometimes but that’s okay because we all need to learn patience. All that I have done this far is look up recipes and how to make them. I have talked to my mother about using the church as our place to teach our class as well. My partner and I have talked about the money and how we are going to buy our ingredients and tools. We have talked about how we want everything to run as we go through this project. Also, we worked together and got our permission forms typed for the children. We have narrowed our recipes down to the ones we are going to use.images