Is it Worth it ?? Persuasive Essay

   Is paying extra money for name brand items really worth it? No, what a rip off! In the world people pay up to 10 times more money for name brand items, when they could just pay less money for generic brand items. A study shows that generic brand jeans are better made than name brand jeans. Name brand products are a waste of money, generic brand products are just as good. Is a $98 hoodie really better than a $14 hoodie? Not at all, it still keeps you warm just like the $98 hoodie. Why spend more money on expensive jeans when you can buy a pair for 10$. Sometimes generic brand items are cuter than expensive items, so don’t waste your money and start buying generic brand items!If people started buying generic brand clothes they could start saving their money and give it to a charity or family in need.  Like I said people should not pay 10 times more money for name brand items. Remember the next time you are at Walmart, generic brand jeans are better!

3 thoughts on “Is it Worth it ?? Persuasive Essay

  1. I so agree. It doesn’t matter whose name is on the pocket of the jeans, they still cover your behind and keep you warm. I am so glad you have come to this conclusion so now I will be giving you a gift card to WalMart instead of Justice for Christmas !!! 🙂

  2. So you would have a plain white target t-shirt and dress like a povo when you can have Adidas t-shirt? Like hello, Christian Loubitons or some target heels?

    Besides, everything is super cheap in America so stop complaining. In Australia, a Tommy Hilfiger polo is $90 and I bought one in the USA for $17, like my family travels annually around the worlds, to your country, to buy clothes so calm down.

  3. fashion doesn’t have to be from expensive stores.You can pair a kmart shirt with target tights,and if YOU think it is fashion, than it is.

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